The Beginning Of The Creation Slot Machine

The Beginning Of The Creation Slot Machine

Hearing the word slot machine or also called a slot machine is a game of dexterity using a machine that can move when the pull lever is pulled to play the slot. The machine was originally called One Hand Bandit, which means one hand bandit, not only that as the game develops in various places, many people play it with different figures and names, for example in Australia it is known as a poker card drawing machine or in Britain it is known as fruit machine name.

Slot machines are one of the most sought-after games by various casino players because besides being easy and fun to play, this game machine also has great prizes. The prize is named the jackpot. Jackpots are the target of every casino player in playing this one skill game. Slot machines also have the ability to find out the metal used and can automatically calculate the winnings calculated according to the image that appears in front of the slot machine.

You need to know that the largest casino income comes from slot game games, with an average income of up to 75% of the total games provided by each casino. This slot game is an attraction for every casino player to get many benefits. In addition, slots are known as games that have a high artistic value where apart from the unique appearance of the machine, the sound and images in it can give more enthusiasm for everyone who plays it.

In order to win this game, you need extra patience because it is not the ability or skill to play that is needed but a lot of luck to get the jackpot. Everyone who plays slot machines has the same chance to win, so your patience is needed to win the jackpot in every slot machine available.

The development of slot game games

Slot games have undergone several developments from year to year, and here we will discuss what those developments are, let’s get started :

1.In 1899 in San Francisco someone invented the first slot machine named Charles August Fey. This German-born man worked as a mechanic at that time, trying to complete a coin-receiving device project. The following year Charles August Fey tried to perfect his findings to be very fast. He saw that opportunity and took advantage of it to try to create more slot machines to market.

2.The machine invented by Charles initially provided the opportunity to get a prize in the form of a cigar, but due to many requests for a cash prize, he had to change his invention. After successfully modifying it, Charles gave the machine a name as Liberty Bell. The specialty of this slot machine is that it has 3 reels with 6 different images (Liberty bell, Shovel, Heart, Diamond, Star, Horseshoe).

3.Another work created by Charles August Fey is the Draw Poker slot machine, this slot machine has the advantage of 5 reels with a display of playing cards where there are images of Spades, Hearts, Curls, and also Diamonds. but unfortunately in 1906 there was an earthquake in San Francisco which destroyed all the buildings that were there and all that was left were 4 Liberty Bell slot machines

4.Over time this slot machine was copied by a slot production entrepreneur Herbert Mills in 1907. The slot machine that was successfully made was the Fruit Slot Machine, as the name suggests this slot game used a fruit image as the slot machine logo at that time. In addition, another added feature is the Jackpot. At that time, this game suddenly became popular among the people in the area, and was considered a gambling tool.

5.This slot game continues to develop all the time and cannot be stopped from spreading despite the many restrictions on playing this slot game game.

6.In 1919-1930, the development of slot games was increasingly unstoppable and began to develop. Many people called it the Golden Age of Slot at that time. And in 1964 an electromechanical slot machine named Money Honey was created. The advantage of this slot machine is that this slot machine can give prizes if you get the same picture without having to be witnessed by the game provider automatically.

7.As the years passed, the development of slot games has continued to develop, there are various choices of slot games in slot machines that you can play at that time, such as slot machines using a variety of classic 3 reel, 5 reel, video card poker, slots and many others. . From then on, almost every casino has provided this popular slot game.

8.The development of the world is not only happening in the development sector which continues to build every day, the technology sector is also growing rapidly. Until several online entrepreneurs saw an opportunity to develop their business online, including slot machines that were presented online. Online slot games were started and inaugurated by a slot game service provider in the Caribbean around 1994.

9.The company that launched the slot game called Microgaming, this change was even more perfect with the release of the Internet gaming club in 1995 and also Intercasino in 1996.

That is the review that I can convey regarding the early journey of the development of slot machines to date. Hopefully the writing that I provide can be of use to all of you, Happy working and continuing activities.

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